Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cave Women, Tea Parties, and Weddings

We may not be traveling this semester but E and I have been having some pretty fun adventures :)

There was a Halloween bash we threw together...

And then I threw E a bridal shower
I was going for an eclectic vintage tea party look...
Really it was a "whatever was available on short notice" kind of look, 
but I think it turned out all right

Opening presents

She was appalled....

Typical Elora....

We had a deliciously fun time :)

What's our next event you ask?


Coming in TWO WEEKS!

Stay tuned....


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And They Said, "Speak Now!"

So E and I are kind of Taylor Swift fanatics....
or at least we think we are.
So, when we heard she was coming to Salt Lake we were quick to get tickets.
The night of the concert we met up with a few other fanatic friends
(Don't be fooled by the fact that me and E and the only ones without handmade T-Swift shirts on - I missed the memo and came straight from work....I'm not sure what E's excuse was. Either way we are still HUGE fans.)

We took pictures with a larger than life version of our favorite girl and then headed into the concert.

E and I were in the nosebleeds, but that didn't dampen our spirit!
Can't you just feel our excitement from our faces?!
We spent most of the hour before Taylor went on trying to win a place in the pit so we could actually touch her...but that didn't work we settled in and sang our hearts out to EVERY word of EVERY song.
Bliss. Pure bliss.

The finale couldn't have been more perfect:
Think Love Story meets 14,000 screaming girls meets a flying Taylor Swift meets glitter - EVERYWHERE. 

Taylor, we were enchanted to meet you.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Sorry I have been MIA.
We both are back and I was so lost as to what to do with our blog.
But believe it or not I still have adventures while being home.
("Hello! You are planning a wedding!" -Ale)
Anyway, this post.
During my summer of fun..
I ate

And Ate

And Ate myself into a tither.

And the hips have paid dearly...
Wait, I've already said this.
Anyway, I have been trying to workout HARD.
Today I did, I worked up quite a sweat.
Anyway, after I worked out I went to the post-office.
(To send all the clothes back that were "just perfect" for engagement pics! Not.)
I was waiting in line, so proud of myself, "Yeah I've worked out."
And all the people around me looked so uncomfortable...
Then I realized...
I'm that girl.
You know the one,
"She smells... why couldn't she shower or use good smelling lotion?!"
From now on, I won't try to rush getting things done after I work out.
Unless showering is the first thing.
Oh dear.

With Love,

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I know this post is LONG overdue...but as soon as I got back home from Hawaii I've been reading constantly, eating lunch with friends, and going to the pool...
Obviously, I'd have no time to post about my last vacation right?
I apologize profusely.
Now on to more exciting stuff-

I spent 10 days with my whole family in Oahu, Hawaii
This is the LDS Hawaiian temple
The church has been in Hawaii since the 1890's

This is Landon, my nephew.
He is basically the only man  in my life right now

and he's pretty much a stud.

It was our first family trip with EVERYONE.
My family isn't big compared to a lot of people I know- but it sure was different having a baby around again!

Instead of giving you a play-by-play I'll just give you some highlights of what we did.

We visited the Dole plantation.
Strawberries and pineapples are my favorite fruit in the world
So this place was full of fun stuff.
Everything you can think of made of pineapples.
We rode the pineapple express train and the pineapple maze (the largest one in the world mind you).

My favorite activity happened to involve some creatures most people wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole...
Yes, ladies and gentleman I talked my dad into going SHARK DIVING with me!
We took a boat ride about three miles off shore..

To here
where ten Galapagos sharks swam around our boat constantly!

No need to be alarmed.
Since this species of sharks was discovered on the Galapagos islands about 100 years ago
No one has ever been attacked by one...yet

Our guides told us these sharks only attack what is weak.
Even if you were dipped in blood and thrown in the water,
these sharks could smell you weren't dying and wouldn't attack.

The whole concept sounds disgusting to me....but you get the picture- these guys have a big bark- and no bite, so to speak.

Here we are in the water.
We got some great shots while we were under there, but I haven't developed them yet

My dad told me on this trip that I was much more adventurous than his other least, I took a lot more risks.
I took that as a compliment and asked him when he wanted to go skydiving with me.
It's in the works people. It's in the works.

For the five days of our trip we spent it on the north shore of the island in a place called Turtle Bay.
I'm personally a little obsessed with sea turtles, so when we stopped by a beach where there were at least 20 of them- I had a ball!

This is my lovely friend Jess.
She and I lived together last year in Vienna :)
Jess and her mom and sister were on the island the week before we were.
And we were able to meet up for dinner on their last night there...
So fun :)

We visited the Polynesian Cultural Center for a luau 

And we also stopped by BYU Hawaii
I couldn't help thinking- why?! Why didn't I go to school here?!
I was accepted twice 
And I really should have gone!
Not that I reget my time at BYU Utah- 
but who wouldn't want to spend 4 years in this kind of paradise? 

Driving through the island was like being in Jurassic Park
(Makes sense- since the movie was filmed here)

We also visited the USS Arizona Memorial

My dad and I love this kind of stuff.
My grandpa fought in WWII and I love learning about that period in history

This is the USS Missouri 

Hawaii is the only U.S. state that once had a monarchy.
Of course, that is just up me, my mom's and my sister's alley.
This is 'Iolani Palace

We toured where, Princess Ka'iulani, the last monarch of Hawaii lived.

Then we were off to the Sea Life Park
Where we saw lots of sea turtles

And one of the world's only Wolphins
Yes, you read that right.
A Wolphin.
A cross between a whale and a dolphin.
NOT a wolf and dolphin- just for the record.

I got to feed the sea turtles...I would have taken one of these guys home if they'd have let me

and THEN we got to swim with dolphins!

This is me getting kissed by a dolphin....pretty cute huh?
I absolutely LOVE them!

It was a lot of fun because Landon got to come with us!

We watched a few shows where sea lions strutted their stuff

And more dolphins showed off

and I had to see the sea turtles one more time before I left!

Later that night I got food poisoning. 
It was kinda horrible and I was out of commission for the whole next day...
Three months in India and I never got sick from the food once- and then I get sick in HAWAII of all places!
Oh well...the next few days made up for it

We ventured out to Hanauma Bay
Isn't is gorgeous?!
We snorkeled here to our heart's content
Hawaii has made this place a nature preserve and the sea life is amazing on the reef!

Landon is kind of obsessed with fish.

I'm not joking...his kissed that baby smack on the mouth.

On our last day we hiked to Diamond Head Crater 
There were some amazing views of Honolulu from the top

Ari, me, and James 

It was an amazing trip and I was sad to leave. 
If you hear about me moving to Hawaii sometime soon- don't be too surprised
I completely fell in love!

With Love,